Rakhi Designs –Why are they so special !

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Best and Latest Rakhi Designs for Brother from Indian Gift Guru

Rakhi Designs

Need to select best and Latest Rakhi Designs for Brother to send Rakhi to India along with Rakhi Gifts.Here are some tips.

Tradition of tying thread by the sister to her brother carries a special meaning in every Hindu Family on a special day in India. This special thread is called Rakhi or Raksha Sutra. If we split the term Raksha Sutra, it simply means a thread, which protects. Like a black thread which protects a baby, child, is worn when newly born arrives in this world. And special day is called Rakshabadhan or Rakhi Festival.

For some, tying thread may be symbolic, to keep reminding every brother, basically a commitment, to take care of his sister when she is in distress or needs a socioeconomic support for him.  

But for other it is protective thread, like a newly born is made to wear, which they believe, is going to protect them from all evils, odds, unexpected and unforeseen circumstances.

Whatever the belief is but the soft point is care for each other whenever there is need to help each other.  

Now let us dive a bit deep into what are the various types of Rakhi Designs are

Rakhi Thread:

This is a simple thread with or without any motif .majority of Indian prefers this form of Raksha Sutra Thread.

Traditional Rakhi:

As the term says, this Rakhi has traditional look say big motifs like silk flower, shining sunflower look material at the centre, well supported by entwined raw or silk thread.

Bracelet Rakhi:

Bracelet Rakhi is in bracelet form .Bracelet may be made up of sleek long flexible metal like female bracelet but with male looks or array of Rudraksha or artificial beads with raw thread.

Fancy Rakhi:

Fancy Rakhi don’t fall into category of simple Rakhi threads, They are basically designer Rakhis such as Morpankh, CZ crystal Rakhis in various shapes and Sizes.

Lumba Rakhi:

This rakhi is female Rakhi  for Bhabhi (Sister In law).When sister ties rakhi to Brother ,she also ties one Lumba Rakhi to her Bhabhi .Though this ritual is not followed in every Hindu family but it is very prominent in Marwari , Guajarati and Punjabi families in India or abroad .

Silver and Gold Rakhis

As the name depicts, these Rakhis falls in the Premium Rakhi category.These Rakhis just signifies a Rakhi Gift for brother – being very expensive ones.

Rakhi  Lumba Set: This is popular Combination of a rakhi and a matching Lumba for Bhabhi. So Instead of Buying Rakhi separately for Bhaiya and a Lumba for Bhabhi, sister buy a Rakhi Set, called Rakhi Lumba Set.

Not last but the least

Rakhi For Kids :

Kids Love toys and cartoon Characters so there are plenty of Rakhi Designs for them .Famous Cartoon Characters like Captain America , Hulk , Barbie , Mickey Mouse , Unicorn and Spider man are to name a few .

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