Bhagwan Ji Ke Dhage

Every Indian Sister ties Rakhi unless prevalent circumstances do not permit .similarly every sister look for Rakhi for God weather they have one or more God in their temple. Reason is obvious .God protects brother and entire family from all evils So sending Rakhi to brother is incomplete ritual if we do not Tie Rakhi to God in our house as real protection starts from there .So what to tie as Bhawgan ji ke dhage ?

Bhagwan Ji Ke Dhage 1
Rakhi For God

We Indian have small or medium sized temple due to space constraints or by Vastu Design. So there is a limited space where all god idols can be rested and decorated .I mean to say generating space meticulously to properly place all the gods in limited space is an art so the size of Pooja Ke Dhage .Heavy Decorated Rakhi can be tied to god when Room size and Idol size is ample so that Divine Rakhi can be tied easily .But for smaller temples, only plain Silk rakhi threads or Raw threads can be worn.

So Sister prefer only bunches of Plain Rakhi thread without any Charm and Rakhi Design prefer , which we lovingly call Bhagwan Ji Ke Dhage or Pooja Ke Dhage .    

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